How to Get a Financial Planner When You Don’t Have Money

Many financial planners are paid by a percentage of the money you invest. But many people don’t invest enough to make them attractive to financial planners of this type. Yet we all need financial planning advice. Where do the rest of us get it? Here are a few possibilities: 

1. Pay for a fiduciary financial advisor. That’s someone you’ve hired to review your financial situation and make recommendations. If you go this route, make sure they’re well-versed in tax liabilities and inheritance law. 

2. If you already have a tax accountant, they may also be able to offer you some limited financial advice. 

3. Do your own research and create your own plan. This solution is not recommended, but it is a great first step in combination with number one above. 

4. Look online for free help and workshops to bridge the gap between doing it yourself and hiring an advisor. 

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