How Much Should You Pay a Real Estate Agent to Help You Buy a Home?

When you’re steeped in a discipline, it’s easy to forget that other people don’t use the same language you do. For example, in real estate, when we tell people to “hire” a buyer’s agent, we don’t mean you have to pay them any money. 

Most buyer’s agents work for free for the home buyers. The agent is paid from the proceeds of the sale of the home that the buyer is buying. So, the buyer does not have to factor in any money for real estate fees when buying. Only when selling. 

When we say, “hire a buyer’s agent,” we mean sign a contract with them that allows them to represent you in the purchase of your home. It’s still a contract, just without money exchanging hands. 

Looking for a home to buy? Hire me as your buyer’s agent to find the home and represent you in the purchase. 

Ed Harrison

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